Why change to a fuller hearing examiner system?
A hearing examiner system that includes land use decisions is usually faster than other systems—thus speeding up the permit process. It is more predictable and tends to be more fact-based. The hearing examiner also has specialized skills and expertise in understanding and applying complex laws and codes. Because of his/her specialized skills, the hearing examiner is able to establish a thorough record that helps reduce the City’s liability in potential litigation.

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1. Can additional types of decisions be assigned to a hearing examiner?
2. Why change to a fuller hearing examiner system?
3. Do other cities use a hearing examiner system?
4. Would a hearing examiner hold hearings locally?
5. Would a hearing examiner be more expensive?
6. What qualifications should a hearing examiner have?
7. Would the same hearing examiner we already have be the one who decides land use cases?
8. How would a hearing examiner be selected?