Stormwater Division Services

Besides flood prevention, water quality protection, and maintenance of public storm water conveyance systems, the division provides the following services:

  • Emergency response - If you observe anything that might be an emergency, such as flooding, fish or wildlife kill, or drain cover missing, call 425-670-8264.
  • Water quality protection - Cities nationwide are now required to provide programs preventing and controlling stormwater pollution. To learn more, call 425-744-6226. City staff investigate all reports of surface water quality problems and provide technical assistance to private and commercial property owners to meet state and local standards. To report a spill, call 425-670-8264.
  • Private system maintenance inspection - Private and commercial storm water conveyance systems are routinely inspected to keep the drainage flowing for the entire city. For more information, call 425-744-6226.
  • Educational programs - The City sponsors water quality curriculum for local schools, delivered through the Snohomish Conservation District.
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