Traffic Alerts


(See map below)

Construction Update for the Week of 11/24/2020

  1.  214th St. SW Subdivision – 38th Pl W and 214th St. SW

Minor pavement work and striping will occur on 214th St. SW near 38th Ave. W.  Expect lane shifts.  Minor delays are expected.

 2. Civic Center Campus – 58th Ave. W and 238th St. SW

Construction activities will be conducted on-site.  Expect trucks entering and exiting the site causing minor delays.

 3. Premera – 220th St. SW between 66th Ave. W and 70th Ave W

Westbound right lane closure.  Expect lane shifts and minor delays.

 4. Atlas Development – 236th  St. SW and 56th Ave. W

Asphalt patching on 56th Ave. W and 55th Ave. W, immediately north of 236th St. SW.  Minor travel lane encroachment may cause delays.

 5. Terrace Station – Van Ry Blvd.

Van Ry Blvd. is closed to public traffic between 236th St. SW and 244th St. SW.  Use alternate routes.

 6. Sound Transit – City-Wide

  • 236th St. SW near 59th Pl. W – Expect trucks entering and exiting from 59th Pl. SW.  Minor lane encroachment will also occur in the area.  Expect minor delays.
  • 222nd St. SW and 62nd Pl. W – Expect lane shifts on 62nd Pl. SW. Minor delays are expected.
  • 212th St. SW between 60th Ave. W and 52nd Ave. W. – One lane closed in each direction.  Expect lane shifts and minor delays.