Animal Violations

The Animal Control Officer works normal business hours. For urgent responses, please call 911.

Dogs Running at Large

To protect the public and pets, the fine for allowing a dog to Run at Large is $200 per pet for a first offense. Fines increase with each offense and upon a 4th violation, a Criminal Citation may be issued to the owner. City Code Title 6

For the safety of the dog and the public, please call 911 to report dogs at large.

Barking Dogs

To report a dog disruptively barking, please call 911 while the barking is in progress. Generally, the barking must be witnessed by Police Staff to take action. City Code Title 6 

Dog Bites or Other Dangerous Behavior

Please call 911 to report a dog bite or aggressive behavior. If you are not familiar with the dog or where it lives, please include a description and location of the dog, including the direction of travel.

Mountlake Terrace Police badge