Financial Assistance

Discounts are available for Mountlake Terrace utility customers who qualify for financial assistance. The financial assistance program qualifications are listed below. Applicants must prove income or lack of income. Applications are available by selecting the Low Income Exemption and/or Senior Discount Application Form (PDF) and Proof of Income Requirements.

Applications are also available at City Hall, by an email request to Utility Billing, or by calling the Utility Department at 425-744-6214.

Click here for utility billing assistance from Volunteers of America Western Washington.

30% Fee Reduction

The Mountlake Terrace Municipal Code Chapter 13.05.375 was amended in 2021 so that Mountlake Terrace property owners over the age of 62 living on the property in a household with an aggregate income as shown below are eligible to qualify for a 30 percent discount on water, sewer and stormwater charges. This discount also applies to Mountlake Terrace low-income property owners who have a disabled family member living with them.

No Cost Garbage Service

No cost garbage service is available to qualified residents of all ages who are eligible solely based on income.

Can Size

Household of 4 or under, 20 gallon can. Household of 5 or more, 32 or 35 gallon can. If you are approved for free garbage service and do not have the correct size can it is your responsibility to contact Waste Management (425-481-1100) for the appropriate size or to arrange to pay the difference.

To qualify for either discount applicants must prove occupancy by consumption showing on the individual water meter consistently during the discount period and meet the income guidelines. Discount will be cancelled if no water is used during a two month billing period and customer will need to reapply once they are using water again. Discount will start the 1st of the month following approval.

2022 Income Limits by Family Size

Household SizeAnnual Income
 1 Person$38,591
 2 People$38,591
 3 People $47,167
 4 People $47,167
 5 People$55,743
 6 People$55,743

Special Income Deductions

Medicare and supplemental insurance, paid out child support or medically required attendant care. Exceptions may be made for those whose income exceeds income limits but, due to circumstances such as illness or temporary unemployment, are in need of temporary assistance.